We are in India! भारत से नमस्ते!

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Beej Farms india farm visit '23

Hello From India! भारत से नमस्ते!

We are in India, meeting with our partner farmers and working to incorporate new and exciting additions to our portfolio of 100% regenerative spices!
We're currently in Pune, a city near India's west coast and roughly a 4 hour drive from Mumbai. It is also our co-founder, Nandini's hometown! This allows us some very enjoyable family time, and the golden opportunity to put childhood photos on blast!
Pictured: Front and back view of an auto-rickshaw ride.
Out and about!
The 3-wheeled auto-rickshaw (aka auto) is a very convenient way to get around and experience your surroundings!
Eating Away!
This amazing chicken biryani made by Nandini's Mom, Romi was one (but easily the best) of the many amazing things we've eaten so far!
Pictured: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Pune

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