Radically Sustainable Packaging

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The packaging for a product is a crucial, but often overlooked component of a company’s sustainability commitment. That’s why we took painstaking measures to ensure our packaging lines up 100% with our three pillars. This was difficult, expensive, and absolutely worth it!

All components are manufactured entirely here in the USA! We made the uncommon (and incredibly expensive) choice to source all of our jar components in the USA. This ensures that we’re supporting local businesses, maintaining full traceability and keeping our supply routes as short as possible. Shorter supply route = less fuel spent hauling heavy components. The one exception was our tamper proof seals, which are simply a one of a kind product only made and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Thankfully, these are incredibly lightweight, and transporting in huge quantities is accomplished easily with minimal fuel.


     1. Tamper proof seal: It only looks like plastic but degrade faster than paper! These are 100% cellulose, a unique material made entirely from the wood pulp of renewably sourced trees. The pulp is processed, extruded into tubes and then cut to size for your spice jar! They are fully biodegradable, home compostable and plastic free.
    2. Enclosure Lid: 100% tin with insulating liner
    3. Jar: Sturdy paragon glass. Please reuse in any matter you see fit!
    4. Label: Rich, renewable paper with plenty of texture!


      1. Box: Home-Compostable - this is a high grade of compostability. Usually, "compostable" means composting of material can only happen at specific, approved facilities. Home-compostable means exactly what it sounds like - you can compost right at home!

      2. Algae Ink Printing: Algae Ink is a carbon-negative ink, sequestering more carbon in a stable and long-lasting form than is used in its production. Every 45 pounds of Algae Ink we use keeps 22.5 pounds of petroleum (crude oil) from being used. That means that 22.5 pounds of oil can't negatively impact our environment or air. Additionally, because our ink is carbon negative, using a 45-pound bucket of Algae Ink can remove -59 kg of carbon dioxide or like planting four trees! Algae Ink has more biorenewable content than any other ink on the market.


        1. 100% American-made, tree free cotton paper. Trust us, you'll feel the difference.
        2. That same, amazing Algae Ink that's used in our mailer box.

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