Regenerative Organic Certified Santosh Turmeric Powder

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Varietal: Heirloom Salem Root

Growing Method: 100% Regenerative Organic

Estate Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Tasting Notes: Earthy-Sweet, Floral, Peppery

Altitude: 865 meters

Process: Sun-dried, Ground

Color: Rising Sun Gold

Growing symbiotically amidst our partner farmer, Singh’s sugarcane, this Santosh Turmeric draws its distinct flavor from the warm Uttar Pradesh sun and from the robust, carefully nurtured soil where it resides. This root is named after Nandini’s Nani (grandmother), who called North India home for many years, and whose ever-present warmth is so alike the radiant flavor of this turmeric. Store bought turmeric contains 0.5%-1.5% curcumin (anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric) and Beej Farms’ ROC turmeric boasts a staggering 4.1% curcumin!

Savor this finely ground root within your home, among any soups, stews, or lentils.