Lakadong Turmeric

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Contour farmed on the misty slopes of West Jaintia Hills, this robust Lakadong turmeric is carefully cultivated under the watchful eye of master farmer, Hambakla Rymbai and the all-women cooperative she leads. The rhizome is sun-dried on raised beds immediately post-harvest, then steam sterilized. Experience this exceptionally potent, all-naturally grown turmeric root in your tea, coffee, lattes, smoothies, marinades, rubs, dips, dressings or your morning oatmeal!
Regenerative Farmer: Hambakla Rymbai

Regenerative Farmer: Hambakla Rymbai

Meghalaya, or “abode of the clouds” in the Indian state’s native Khasi language, is the home to expert farmer Hambakla Rymbai. It is the wettest place on Earth, with an average annual rainfall of 470 inches. This abundance of rainfall, along with a fertile soil makes one of the richest botanical habitats in all of Asia. Hambakla, along with the all-women cooperative that she leads, practice a number of regenerative agricultural techniques. Turmeric roots are planted on the misty slopes of the many hills that surround their home. This is known as contour farming, a practice which allows for maximum conservation of water needed for irrigation. Contour farming also frees up the more limited flat land for other crops, mainly rice.
Hambakla and her cooperative cultivate Lakadong turmeric in their village in the east of Meghalaya. This indigenous Lakadong turmeric is prized for its remarkably high curcumin content (typically 4x the standard), and can only manifest these properties when cultivated in Hambakla’s village or the immediate surroundings. When the root has matured, careful attention must be paid to ensure the rhizome dries fully (a challenge in the state’s frequent rains), in a clean environment before it can then be ground for your use.

Ingredients: 100% Ground Lakadong Turmeric Root

Net WT. 1.62oz (46g)

Tasting Notes: Floral, Earthy, Citrus background

How To Use: In your tea, coffee, lattes, smoothies, marinades, rubs, dips, dressings or your morning oatmeal!

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